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Joe Cadwell received his law degree in the spring of 1941 at the University of South Dakota and simultaneously received orders to report to Fort Snelling, Minnesota. At the end of World War II as a Major in the infantry, in the late summer of l945, he came to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and joined Gale Braithwaite’s firm, which was well known in the insurance industry and other legal fields since the early l890's. He spent the following years broadening his and the firm's law practice in the fields of insurance, commercial, bankruptcy, and probate to the recognized prominence.  Joe passed away in January 2019.  Even in a professional life by definition filled with disputes and contests, Joe was a consistent example of decency, civility, loyalty, and generosity.  


University of South Dakota (L.L.B., 1941)
Bar Admissions
South Dakota, 1941
Creditors Rights Law
Joe Cadwell

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